Darts is a sport where at least two players compete and try to score points by throwing pointed bullets (known as darts) at a target board (known as a dartboard). It can be played in a team or individually. The game is thought to have originated in France in the 19th century, but historians do not have a definite consensus on this issue. However, the current scoring system was invented in 1896 by Brian Gamlin, a carpenter from Lancashire. The game is most popular in England, and it is possible to see it in almost every pub. However, it is also popular all over the world and has multiple global tournaments. The game is played with the same rules all over the world, but the sections on the dartboard and scoring system used may differ depending on the variants.

There are more than 17 million darts players in the United States alone. The UK, the Netherlands and Australia are other countries where the game is hugely popular. Like any popular game, it is possible to bet on darts. The betting options offered for this game are as many and varied as for any other sports. As always, you can find the best options for darts betting on the VulkanBet sportsbook. We ensure that you can place bets for all darts tournaments and always get the most competitive odds. If you want, you can start betting right now, using one of our bonuses. However, if you have just started this game, keep reading: below, we talk about how the darts game works, and we also give you some useful darts betting tips.

How to Bet on Darts

To explain how darts betting works, we need to briefly explain the rules of the game. The standard dartboard has 20 numbered sections, and they have a point value between 1 and 20. Each of these sections is divided into a single, double or triple area, and these areas differ from each other in terms of both size and point values. For example, there is a 7-point area, as well as a 60-point area. It is easy to calculate scores because there is a number above each area showing what the point value is. Players try to get the highest score possible by throwing darts into these areas. Each player has the right to throw 3 darts when their turn comes.

The highest score that can be obtained with these three throws is 180. Usually, the game ends when one of the players reaches 301 or 501 points, but depending on the variant played, this number can increase to 701 or 1,001. As can be guessed, the player's personal abilities and skills are of paramount importance: this game requires excellent hand-eye coordination and aiming skills. The effect of the chance factor is very low.

Types of Darts Betting

As can be understood from the explanations above, it is possible to find many options for darts betting. You can bet on who will win a particular match or bet on players' point changes. In this regard, the most common options for betting are:

  • Single Bet: A bet on who will be the winner of a particular match or tournament.
  • Combo Bet: Also known as an accumulator bet, it refers to betting on multiple options. For example, you place a single bet on Player A to win the first game and Player B to win the second. To win the bet, all selections must win.
  • Permutation Bet: Similar to the combo bet, meaning you place a series of wagers covering different combinations. However, unlike the combo bet, it is possible to make a certain profit even if some of your choices do not win.
  • Handicap Bet: Every match has a favorite and an underdog. Players get + and - points according to these attributes: the favorite gets negative points, and the underdog gets positive points. Winning is not enough for these bets, the score must match the handicap points. For example, if - 2.00 is offered for Player A, this player must win the match with a score of more than 2 points (just winning the match is not enough).
  • Correct Score Bet: It is a bet that requires you to predict exactly the outcome of the match. So, knowing who will win (or lose) is not enough, it is necessary to guess exactly what the final score will be.
  • First 180 Bet: It is a bet about which player will reach 180 points first. It has two variants: Most 180 and Total 180.
  • 9 Darts Finish Bet: This is a bet on whether there will be a player who reaches enough points (usually 501) to win the game by throwing only 9 darts. This is a rare occurrence: it has only happened 50 times in live broadcast darts matches throughout history.  

World Darts Betting Championships and Events

As we mentioned above, darts is popular all around the world, and it has multiple global tournaments. In addition, some local championships are held in almost every country. At the moment, these are the largest darts tournaments to watch and bet on:

  • World Professional Darts Championship: It is the first tournament that comes to mind when it comes to world darts betting. Although nowadays BDO and PDC organize their own tournaments, both were part of this event until 1993.
  • World Matchplay: This is an event organized by PDC. It started in 1994, and the 2020 tournament was held closed to the public due to COVID-19. Phil Taylor has won this tournament 16 times and made a 9-dart finish 2 times.
  • PDC World Darts Championship: This is the biggest darts tournament in the world right now. It was held for the 26th time in 2019, where approximately 100 athletes competed. It takes about 20 days, and its grand prize is close to £ 2.5 million. It is an event mostly dominated by British players. PDC darts betting is available on VulkanBet, too.
  • BDO World Darts Championship: BDO stands for British Dart Organization. It started in 1978 and has organized championships 43 times so far. However, in September 2020, BDO ceased its activities and decided to join the World Professional Darts Championship. From now on, it will continue under this organization. BDO darts betting is available on VulkanBet. 

Darts Betting Odds & Examples

There are two ways of reading world darts betting odds - it all depends on which form is used. We can say that there are two forms to display odds, one is American (moneyline), and the other is International (decimal). 

The American version comes with positive and negative numbers. The positive number shows what the payout will be for every 100 units wagered. The negative number, on the other hand, shows how much you need to wager in order to win this payout. 

The international version is displayed with decimal numbers, such as 1.20, 2.40, 3.20, etc. These numbers show what the payout will be if you bet 1 unit. For example, 1.20 odds mean that if you bet 1 unit and win, the payout will be 1.20 units. Simply put, you need to multiply your wager by the odds to find out the payout amount. 

So, how to read world darts championship betting odds? Let’s explain this according to both forms. 

Moneyline odds: 

  • Player A: +285
  • Player B: -360

This means if you want to place a bet on Player A, you need to bet at least 100 EUR/USD to win 285 EUR/USD. The total payout will be 385 EUR/USD (a 285 payout + a 100 initial bet). If you want to place a bet on Player B, however, you need to bet at least 360 EUR/USD in order to win 100 EUR/USD. In this example, the payout will be 460 EUR/USD (a 360 payout + a 100 initial bet). 

Fractional odds: 

  • Player A: 3.00
  • Player B: 1.60

This means if you bet 100 EUR/USD on Player A and win, the payout will be 300 EUR/USD. The total payout will be 400 EUR/USD (a 300 payout + a 100 initial bet). Likewise, betting 100 EUR/USD on Player B will pay 160 EUR/USD (260 EUR/USD in total). 

At VulkanBet, we always offer the most competitive odds for all sports, darts included. As always, you can use the darts betting oddschecker to see that we really have the best rates for you. We know what our members are looking for, and we are ready to offer the best service to them. 

Try Live Darts Betting at VulkanBet

You can find the latest darts betting events at VulkanBet: we support all kinds of betting on darts and offer the best live odds & prematch odds. We offer fractional odds by default, as they are the most common form, but you can easily convert them to moneyline odds. We have a very easy interface to use: on the right, you can see all the darts matches & tournaments you can place a bet on. When you click on one of them, you will be able to see all of the necessary details in the middle: players, odds, start & end dates and all the other things you need to know. When you click on one of these odds, you will see the betting slip. It is possible to place more than one bet for a single event (or for multiple events); you will see the total cost of your bet on this slip. After clicking the “place bet” button, you can start waiting for the results: Good luck!

Premier League Darts Betting Tips & Tricks

While there is no sure strategy for darts betting (or any other form of gambling) that will guarantee a payout, we can give a couple of tips and tricks:  

  • Keep track of all events. There are many events and tournaments for darts, both local and international. When professional athletes do not participate in global tournaments, they continue to play in local organizations, thereby offering many new betting opportunities. You can find the most numerous darts events at VulkanBet.
  • Choose Most 180 bets over First 180 bets. Your chances of winning are simply higher in Most 180 betting. We recommend that you choose the underdog after doing enough research on these bets: if you think he has a chance of winning, underdog Most 180 bets can be much more advantageous.
  • It is very difficult to win Nine-Dart Finish bets. Historically, this action has only happened 50 times in a global tournament, and this bet will not be a good choice if you are unsure of the athlete's performance. But a champion like Phil Taylor has achieved this twice in a row. If you are sure of the athlete, 9-dart Finish bets can pay very high.
  • Regularly follow the athlete you are betting on. Darts is a sport where personal performance directly determines the outcome of the match. Athletes regularly participate in local and international events throughout the year to maintain their performance. For example, if a star athlete suddenly stops participating in local events, this may be a development that could affect his global tournament performance. By tracking athletes throughout the year, you can get a realistic forecast of each of their performances.

Darts Can Become Your Favorite Sport to Bet On: Try It Today!

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional sports such as football, basketball and tennis, darts betting may be the best option for you. This game is just as exciting as the popular sports and has the potential to pay as much as they do. Moreover, due to the simplicity of the rules, even beginners won’t experience any difficulties. Whether you are looking for world matchplay darts betting or premier league darts betting, you can always find the most competitive odds and the most useful bonuses on our site. We wish all our members good luck: place your darts bets and win!

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